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Variations of fundamental constants: list of recent e-prints
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B.G. Sidharth Time-Varying Fine-Structure Constant and Quantum SuperStrings. physics/0201039
Savely G.Karshenboim Precision Optical Measurements and Fundamental Physical Constants. physics/0201050
A.D.Dolgov Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. hep-ph/0201107
V.V.Flambaum, E.V.Shuryak Limits on Cosmological Variation of Strong Interaction and Quark Masses from Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Cosmic, Laboratory and Oklo Data. hep-ph/0201303
J.W.Moffat  Bimetric Gravity Theory, Varying Speed of Light and the Dimming of Supernovae. gr-qc/0202012
Mikhail L.Gershteyn, Lev I.Gershteyn, Arkady Gershteyn, Oleg V.Karagioz  Experimental evidence that the gravitational constant varies with orientation. physics/0202058
J.D.Barrow, J.Magueijo, H.B.Sandvik  Variations of Alpha in Space and Time. astro-ph/0202129
Antonio F. Ranada On the cosmological variation of the fine structure constant. astro-ph/0202224
Joao Magueijo, John D.Barrow, Haavard Bunes Sandvik  Is it e or is it c? Experimental Tests of Varying Alpha. astro-ph/0202374
Kazuhide Ichikawa, M.Kawasaki  Constraining the variation of the coupling constants with big bang nucleosynthesis. hep-ph/0203006
Donam Youm  Variable-Speed-of-Light Cosmology and Second Law of Thermodynamics. hep-th/0203145
C.J.A.P.Martins, R.Trotta, R.Bean, G.Rocha, P.P.Avelino, P.T.P.Viana  Measuring $\alpha$ in the Early Universe: CMB Temperature, Large-Scale Structure and Fisher Matrix Analysis. astro-ph/0203149
C.Wetterich Probing Quintessence with Time Variation of Couplings. hep-ph/0203266
Yasunori Fujii  Possible link between the changing fine-structure constant and the accelerating universe via scalar-tensor theory. astro-ph/0204069
Thibault Damour, Federico Piazza, Gabriele Veneziano  Runaway dilaton and equivalence principle violations. gr-qc/0204094
Z. Chacko, C. Grojean, M. Perelstein Fine Structure Constant Variation from a Late Phase Transition. hep-ph/0204142
Xavier Calmet, Harald Fritzsch  Symmetry Breaking and Time Variation of Gauge Couplings. hep-ph/0204258
Alessandro Melchiorri Cosmology Rounding the Cape. astro-ph/0204262
Kenneth M.Nollett, Robert E.Lopez Primordial nucleosynthesis with a varying fine structure constant: An improved estimate. astro-ph/0204325
D. Barrow, J. Magueijo, H.B. Sandvik Cosmological Tale of Two Varying Constants. astro-ph/0204357
Malcolm Fairbairn Time varying gauge couplings and di-nucleon states  hep-ph/0205078
C.J.A.P.Martins Varying $\alpha$ in the early universe: CMB, LSS and FMA. astro-ph/0205079
J.P.Mbelek, M.Lachiиze-Rey  A five dimensional model of varying effective gravitational and fine structure constants. gr-qc/0205089
T.Damour, F.Piazza, G.Veneziano  Violations of the equivalence principle in a dilaton-runaway scenario. hep-th/0205111
C.Armendariz-Picon Predictions and Observations in Theories with Varying Couplings. astro-ph/0205187
Yasunori Fujii, Akira Iwamoto, Tokio Fukahori, Toshihiko Ohnuki, Masayuki Nakagawa, Hiroshi Hidaka, Yasuji Oura, Peter Moller Nuclear Data in Oklo and Time-Variability of Fundamental Coupling Constants. hep-ph/0205206
Keith A.Olive, Maxim Pospelov, Yong-Zhong Qian, Alain Coc, Michel Casse, Elisabeth Vangioni-Flam Constraints on the Variations of the Fundamental Couplings. hep-ph/0205269
Jean-Philippe Uzan The fundamental constants and their variation: observational status and theoretical motivations. hep-ph/0205340
C. J. A. P. Martins Cosmology with Varying Constants. astro-ph/0205504
Silas R.Beane, Martin J.Savage  Variation of Fundamental Couplings and Nuclear Forces. hep-ph/0206113
Marcelo S. Berman, Luis A. Trevisan Inflationary Phase with Time Varying Fundamental Constants. gr-qc/0207051
C.J.A.P.Martins  Extra Dimensions and Varying Alpha. hep-ph/0207090
J.Ponce de Leon  Mass and Charge in Brane-World and Non-Compact Kaluza-Klein Theories in 5 Dim. gr-qc/0207108
G. Fiorentini, B. Ricci $\alpha$:a constant that is not a constant? astro-ph/0207390
K.A.Bronnikov, V.N.Melnikov, Mario Novello  Possible time variations of G in scalar-tensor theories of gravity. gr-qc/0208028
Jacob D. Bekenstein Fine-structure constant variability, equivalence principle and cosmology. gr-qc/0208081
M.J. Duff Comment on time-variation of fundamental constants. hep-th/0208093
J.W. Moffat Comment on the Variation of Fundamental Constants. hep-th/0208109
Johann Rafelski Variation of Fine Structure Constant from Non- Universal Gravity. hep-ph/0208259
V.V. Flambaum Comment on "Black holes constrain varying constants". astro-ph/0208384
S. Carlip Varying Constants, Black Holes, and Quantum Gravity. gr-qc/0209014
James Rich Experimental Consequences of Time Variations of the Fundamental Constants. physics/0209016
John D. Barrow Constants and Variations: From Alpha to Omega. gr-qc/0209080
Asher Peres Variability of fundamental constants. quant-ph/0209114
S. Carlip, S. Vaidya Black holes may not constrain varying constants. hep-th/0209249
Andrea Gregori On the Time Dependence of Fundamental Constants. hep-ph/0209296
V.F.Dmitriev, V.V.Flambaum  Limits on cosmological variation of quark masses and strong interaction. astro-ph/0209409
M.T.Murphy, J.K.Webb, V.V.Flambaum, S.J.Curran  Time evolution of the fine structure constant. astro-ph/0209488
A .S. Barabash Possible Evidence of Time Variation of Weak Interaction Constant from Double Beta Decay Experiments. nucl-ex/0210011
Ph. Brax, C. van de Bruck, A.-C. Davis, C.S. Rhodes Varying Constants in Brane World Scenarios. hep-ph/0210057
Thibault Damour String theory, cosmology and varying constants. gr-qc/0210059
Carlos Castro Variable Fine Structure Constant from Maximal-Acceleration Phase Space Relativity. hep-th/0210061
Asher Peres The speed of light need not be constant. gr-qc/0210066
Cristiano Germani, Carlos F. Sopuerta Varying Fundamental Constants from a String- inspired Brane World Model. hep-th/0210086
A.Ivanchik, P.Petitjean, E.Rodriguez, D.Varshalovich Does the proton-to-electron mass ratio vary in the course of cosmological evolution? astro-ph/0210299
J.L. Martinez-Ledesma, S. Mendoza Cosmological implications in electrodynamics due to variations of the fine structure constant. astro-ph/0210444
H. Oberhummer, A. Csoto, M. Fairbairn, H. Schlattl, M.M. Sharma Temporal variation of coupling constants and nucleosynthesis. astro-ph/0210459
J. K. Webb, M. T. Murphy, V. V. Flambaum, S. J. Curran Does the fine structure constant vary? A third quasar absorption sample consistent with varying alpha. astro-ph/0210531
M.T.Murphy, J.K.Webb, V.V.Flambaum, S.J.Curran  Does the fine structure constant vary? A detailed investigation into systematic effects. astro-ph/0210532
Peter Huber A Cosmologic Model Based on the Equivalence of Expansion and Light Retardation. gr-qc/0211077
Filipe Paccetti Correia, Michael G.Schmidt, Zurab Tavartkiladze  Varying Couplings From Orbifold GUTs. hep-ph/0211122
James M.Cline, Jйrйmie Vinet Problems with Time-Varying Extra Dimensions or "Cardassian Expansion" as Alternatives to Dark Energy. hep-ph/0211284
G. R. Filewood Time variation of the fine structure constant and mass-energy conservation. astro-ph/0211379
X.Calmet, H.Fritzsch  Grand Unification and Time Variation of the Gauge Couplings. hep-ph/0211421
H. Vucetich Time variation of fundamental constants: two phenomenological models. astro-ph/0211457
Alan Kostelecky, Ralf Lehnert, Malcolm Perry  Spacetime-varying couplings and Lorentz violation. astro-ph/0212003
Yasunori Fujii Varying Fine-Structure Constant and the Cosmological Constant Problem. gr-qc/0212017
Antonio Alfonso-Faus Implications of a Time-Varying Fine Structure Constant. gr-qc/0212020
John D.Barrow, D.F.Mota  Gauge-Invariant Perturbations of Varying-Alpha Cosmologies. gr-qc/0212032
J.Ponce de Leon  FLRW Universes from "Wave-Like" Cosmologies in 5D. gr-qc/0212036
D.Calonico, Y.Sortais, S.Bize, H.Marion, C.Mandache, C.Salomon, G.Santarelli, A.Clairon 133Cs87Rb Laser Cooled Dual Fountain. physics/0212041
Kenneth Nordtvedt Space-Time Variation of Physical Constants and the Equivalence Principle. gr-qc/0212044
Malcolm Fairbairn, Michel H.G.Tytgat Varying alpha and black hole entropy. hep-th/0212105
H. Marion, F. Pereira Dos Santos, M. Abgrall, S. Zhang, Y. Sortais, S. Bize, I. Maksimovic, D. Calonico, J. Gruenert, C. Mandache, P. Lemonde, G. Santarelli, Ph. L A Search for Variations of Fundamental Constants using Atomic Fountain Clocks. physics/0212112
H.Fritzsch Symmetry Breaking and Time Variation of the QCD Coupling. hep-ph/0212186
Saurya Das, Gabor Kunstatter Varying Fine Structure Constant and Black Hole Physics. hep-th/0212334
V.V.Flambaum, E.V.Shuryak Dependence of hadronic properties on Quark Masses and Constraints on their Cosmological Variation. hep-ph/0212403
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