An international satellite meeting

of the Third [Russian] Workshop on Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants

(St. Petersburg, December, 7-10, 2010)


Fifty years of efforts toward quantum SI units”

Scientific organizers:

Savely Karshenboim (VNIIM, St. Petersburg, and MPQ, Garching) & François Piquemal (LNE, Paris)

Local organizer:

Alexandre Ivanchik (Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg)


December, 6, 2010


Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg

Description and scope:

The International system of units, SI, was turned into action in 1960 and since that it has been around the world a dominant system of units in science, education, industry, trade, safety etc. Since its very appearance, the system has actually been changed for a number of occasions. At present days it has been developing towards natural units based on quantum phenomena and fundamental constants.

The meeting “Fifty years of efforts toward quantum SI units” is to summarize the recent achievements and to review the state of the art in the field of determination of the fundamental constants and their application to standards based on the most advanced technologies.

The meeting is supported in part by A.F. Ioffe Physical-technical institute and Particle data group and endorsed by the CODATA Task group on fundamental constants, Laboratoire national de métrologie et d'essais and Russian national CODATA task group on fundamental constants.


Dmitry Varshalovich
(Ioffe Institute)

Opening words
( picture)

Savely Karshenboim

Constants, units and so on (an introductory talk)
(abstract, presentation, picture)

François Piquemal

Determination of fundamental constants in quantum electrical metrology
(abstract, presentation, picture)

Peter Mohr

Recent progress in fundamental constants and the International System of Units (abstract, presentation, picture)

Estefanía de Mirandés


Linking macroscopic mass standards to physical constants
(abstract, presentation, picture)

Joachim Fischer

Determination of the Boltzmann constant and new definition of the kelvin
(abstract, presentation, picture)

Marc Himbert


SI units and Fundamental Physics
(abstract, presentation, picture)

Jocelyne Guéna


Testing the stability of fundamental constants using LNE-SYRTE clock ensemble (abstract, presentation, picture)

Simon Eidelman


Status of muon g-2
(abstract, presentation, picture)

More pictures from the satellite can be found here.

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